10/4/16 - Hammerstein Ballroom was packed to the brim on Tuesday for the much anticipated Journeys Made to Destroy tour. The night opened with a punchy performance from Detroit-based hardcore band I Prevail. A crowd favorite was their cover of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space." 

Uk-based Neck Deep has had a good year and a half. Not only did they win best live band at the 2016 APMAs, but their latest album Life's Not Out to Get You number 8 in the UK, and reached the top 20 in the US. Their set started with a representative from a suicide prevention group giving a speech about speaking up in a time of need, and offering free buttons at the band's merch table. Lead singer Ben Barlow walked onstage and proclaimed that "life's not out to get you," the motto of their newest album, and launched into their first song containing those words, "Gold Steps." The band played the newer, more upbeat version of their song "December," along with other songs from their latest release like "Kali Ma" and of course, "Can't Kick Up the Roots."

At 9:30 on the dot, Pierce the Veil began playing an animation projected onto a curtain they'd set up in front of the stage, counting down the seconds to their set. The crowd waited in anticipation, screaming when the curtain finally dropped. The band stepped out of what was made to look like space ships, shedding their space suits as they reached for their instruments. The San Diego-based foursome opened with "Dive In," a fitting beginning to their set as it's the opening track on their newest release, Misadventures. The crowd did not hold back as confetti was launched and smoke machines whirred to life, and lead singer Vic Fuentes poured his heart into every lyric. Bassist Jaime Preciado jumped around the stage at any chance he could get, while guitarist Tony Perry kept it more low-key, but nonetheless amazing at what he does. 

AuthorErin Marhefka